One of my crowdfunding students emailed me and told me that my course helped him raise over $90,000!

(course link here: What’s even cooler is they still have 10 days left! When I heard that I knew I just had to get him on Skype so he could tell everyone exactly how he did it.

In this video you’ll get:
His email pitch to journalists
How he used contests to build his lists and how he promoted those contests
Cool tricks for graphics on the Kickstarter page
How he activated his internal network before ever going live
And more….

See his campaign here:

by Martin Kessler, 13 days ago
Comprehensive And Well-Structured Guide To Your Crowdfunding Success!

The $400k Crowdfunding Launch Formula provided my team and myself at Ambi Labs ( a great launch strategy and plan. From finding influencers, to campaign promotion and campaign messaging, this course has covered just about everything that you usually do not get to read about on your regular crowdfunding blogs. What makes this course especially great is its detailed look at the tools that allow you to get organized when preparing for your Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign.

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