For the last two years I’ve made it my business to launch companies and products to the public. For the last year of that I’ve been teaching people how to leverage crowdfunding as a fast and unique way to raise money for various projects.



To date, my crowdfunding coaching and training programs have now generated over $1,000,000 worth of pre-orders for my crowdfunding students (look to the right). The early successes in crowdfunding have also led to several million dollars of investment funds from some of the most notable venture capitalists on the planet going straight to my students. All without my students having to work insane hours or waste money on “JUNK” PR firms and hopeless marketing strategies that cause more aggravation than results.

Facebook Ads

Just so we’re clear, we’re not talking about getting “Likes” to your Facebook page. These are actual ads to drive traffic to your website to generate leads or to a sales page. Likes are beneficial but leads and sales are better. :)


Public Relations

Sure it takes more time but the results are night and day. One is a finger crossing strategy. That is, you write the release, you put it out on the wire, and you hope to God someone opens it. Instead, we find journalists who should be interested based on past articles, source their contact information, write a pitch that appeals to them and their audience specifically, and send it in an email.