Public Relations


Sure it takes more time but the results are night and day. One is a finger crossing strategy. That is, you write the release, you put it out on the wire, and you hope to God someone opens it. Instead, we find journalists who should be interested based on past articles, source their contact information, write a pitch that appeals to them and their audience specifically, and send it in an email.

PR: the practice of managing the spread of information between an individual or an organization and the public. Usually through TV, online magazines, blogs, podcasts, and radio.

Every good marketing plan should have a PR initiative. PR is extremely effective in bringing in sales, key employees, investors, boosting the morale of employees, and building a bigger better brand faster!

Why else are we PR missionaries?
We’ve seen one article bring in close to $100,000 in 4 days for a startup company.
We were able to turn a failing launch into a six figure success with one well placed article in Forbes magazine.
We’ve seen entrepreneurs go from begging candidates to work for them to swamping the founders email due to a successful PR strategy.

So you guys do press releases?
Not really. In some cases we might but as Ben Parr, former editor of Mashable told me when I interviewed him….

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